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It's official. You can now get new music from your favourite labels before anyone else. 

Promo Hutt allows you to subscribe to the labels you love so you get up-front releases before the music arrives in the shops.

Whether you’re a DJ, a broadcaster, or a dedicated listener, subscribing to Promo Hutt’s featured labels gives you exclusive access to pre-release music.

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Grandmaster Flash

“Promo Hutt is an amazing way to be first on the block with today’s cutting edge music. Promo Hutt is the way to go”

Chaos and the CBD (Youngunz) 

"Promo Hutt is a fantastic way for DJs like us to find new tracks. As DJs and radio hosts we've always found it extremely beneficial to have access to fresh unreleased music"

Urulu (Let’s Play House/ Exploited/Amadeus)
"A clean cut promo delivery service catering for the forward-thinking crate-digger"